In these days of widespread digital image manipulation, it is often difficult to distinguish fake photographs from authentic ones. The images on this site are all genuine, so far as we can verify. A few fake images are available on the Internet, and we include some information here about one of them.

One in particular has been easily shown as a fake. This is the intersection of "BANGHER & LEEVER," which has photographs available on numerous web sites. We attempted to verify that this was an actual intersection, and found that it does not exist. We then determined that it is a clear fake, retouched from another image of an actual intersection in New York City. You can see this by comparing the following two images, which are identical except for the street names. Interestingly enough, the real intersection has a name at least as odd as the fake - "SEAMAN & CUMMING." Seaman & Cumming is an actual intersection at the north end of Manhattan Island, in New York City. Another photo of the same sign, from a different angle, can be found at the Oddball New York website, attesting to the authenticity of the Seaman & Cumming sign.

Clicking on the small images below will show larger photos in a separate window. Telling the real from the fake is quite easy.

Bangher & Leever - 26K Seaman & Cumming - 46K
Bangher & Leever
(The Fake)
Seaman & Cumming
(New York, New York)